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The good news is – Gone are the days, where you need to carry multiple reward cards in your wallet just to earn points for purchases made or to remember when the points expire for the various programs enrolled.

The bigger news is – UP allows members to consolidate reward points accumulated from various reward programs into a single points denomination! Have that big ticket item in mind? Your wish may just come true sooner.

Why Join UP Membership?

When you sign up for a UP Member’s account, you will be able to purchase and redeem great offers and deals presented by our business partners. Enjoy greater savings through UP or simply just accumulate and consolidate more UP points for your next purchase.

In addition, you get a consolidated view on all the reward programs (powered by UP) you participate in. We recognize the importance of monitoring reward programs and fully utilizing the associated points as these are benefits that you deserve to enjoy.

  • No Registration Fees: UP Membership is free for everybody, no matter who you are or where you are from.
  • UP Rewards: Have the freedom to choose and combine points from multiple reward programs (powered by UP) to help you redeem items you truly deserve.
  • UP Points: Purchases at UP website earns you additional points to redeem product items. Use your UP Points to offset or top up purchase price to save more!
  • Trusted Brand: All our listed partners are authorized by UP to ensure that we bring you the best deals.
  • UP Gift Ideas: With a few easy steps, UP makes it simple and convenient for you to find the perfect gift. Mix and match the best items or simply check out our wide range of gift sets ready for the right owners.
  • More Personalized Store Features: Look forward to more innovative updates.

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Merchant Partners

Be part of the merchant network & leverage on UP to distribute products & services to reward programs.

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We offer a plug and play white labelled loyalty solution to businesses.

Just pick your merchant partners and you have a program running almost instantaneously.